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Sep 4, 2010 6:15pm EDT
see more evidence, the north koreans get the credit for that action. question? on the end, sir. >> i am from nasa. -- national and space intelligence center. i would like to propose -- has south korea considered using the chinese economic investment in north korea as a tool for unification? have they taken that perspective. -- perspective? so far, it seems like the united states involvement has led to the status quo of a divided peninsula. we have seen moves from south korea like this reunification tax where they're starting to address the issues, trying to help the failed states that -- state that north korea is. >> can you respond to that? >> when it comes to the chinese influence over north korea, the south koreans are afraid that china might take over north korea economically. then when there is a contingency in north korea, china will continue. -- intervene militarily. the role of china in the korean peninsula became greater and greater. your suggestion about -- i understand your question is that chinese economic -- the chinese role in for the development of the north korean eco
Sep 8, 2010 1:00pm EDT
they have to say, so i will pass the floor over to james. >> thank you. the north korean international documentation organization is happy to co-sponsor this event. really all credit goes to bryce. i just returned on monday from a two-month trip to seoul, korea was gathering more documents and in my absence, he did yeoman's job in organizing this panel. at the risk of sounding overeat -- at the risk of sounding overly didactic, i would like to start by asking too simple but important epistemological questions. first, how do we know what we think we know about north korea? second, how is knowledge about north korea produced? it is important to approach a subject of inquiry with a healthy dose of skepticism. most analysts do when they, and on other countries, but it seems this skepticism at times rarely extends to analysis on north korea. it is arguably one of the most secretive nations in the world. arguably the most secretive nation. our ability to obtain reliable information on north korea remains limited because of over six decades of diplomatic non- recognition of north korea. yet,
Sep 29, 2010 6:00pm PDT
sold in the reelection of kim jong-il as party leader. north koreans gathered at information points across the capitol to see the new phase of the communist regime. following its administrative reshuffle. >> the party meeting was a historic event, and the korean people highly acclaimed our respective general kim jong il as jindal secretary of the working party of korea. >> these photographs are the only images to have emerged from wednesday's gatherings. were the country's leader, kim jong il, chose to elevate his youngest son into a senior leadership role. as newscasters announced the promotion, it was the first time his name had been officially mentioned in north korea. [speaking korean] >> little is known about the crown prince, who is around 27 years old. longstanding focus of korea, is keen to find out more. >> we will keep a careful watch on how kim jong post goes. >> the move comes to the news that north and south korea will meet for the first military talks in two years, aimed at easing cross-border tensions. >> we will have more and north korea's kim dynasty coming up. floo
Sep 4, 2010 2:00pm EDT
. basically i am here to call the north korean regime at bad guys. when i talk about them, i do not mean that the people. i mean the north korean regime and those that lead to the regime. i am kind of surprised that we have so many people here today, because our diplomatic performance over the last 30 years, there was not a lot of people interested in north korea. but -- ok. how's that? i do not think there is any difference. the alliance, and when i talk about the alliance -- is this better? too good. when i refer to the alliance, i mean the south koreans and the americans. they have gone on a good job and i had a front row seat for the last 30 years watching how effective that alliance has then at deterring war on the peninsula. from the same seat, i saw they did not do a good job in deterring provocation, because it happens all the time. everybody's sitting in this room remembers and third and fourth grade, the bully trying to take their lunch money. essentially, for several past decades, the north koreans have been doing that to us on a regular basis and, and we keep letting them do
Sep 26, 2010 6:30am PDT
. plus the training camp helping long-term missionaries go to distance. north korean refugees sold into the sex trade in china. hello, everyone i am wendy griffith. human rights groups are testifying on capitol hill and protesting outside chinese embassy. north rean refugees living in their country. members of the human rights commissi hosted a hearing on the topic. they heard firsthand the horrors of women sold into the sex trade. it would allow the united states to place economic sanctions on the country. >> 90 percent of the women who flee north korea fall victims to traffickers and chinese government doenothing about it. it is the chinese government's ruthless policy of repay trioting that makes them so vulnerable. >> hopefly when president obama meets with the leaders, particularly china, he will raise this iss. this administration has lost its voice. it is silent. nuclear issuesare important but human rights for the people of north korea is particularly important, too. >> china also returns refugees to north korea where they face imprisonmentnd even ath. joining us is kim, a
Sep 27, 2010 7:00pm PDT
. >>> north korean leader kim jong-il has named his third son, kim jong-un a four-star general in the military. north korea's state-run television made the special announcement on tuesday, the opening day of the workers party conference. it marks the first time that the son's name has ever been mentioned in public. kim jong-un is also expected to be given a high-ranking party post to succeed his father. the announcement said the leader's younger sister, kim yong he, has also been promoted to a four-star general. it's thought she will serve as care taker until power is transferred to kim jong-un. now little is known about kim jong-un, even basic facts about jong-un, who is likely to succeed his father as leader, have been long been shrouded in mystery. >> such things as the year of kim jong-un's birth cannot be acertained with certainty. it is widely thought that the heir apparent was born in 1983, but some experts suggest 1984 is the more likely year. in the late 1990s, kim jong-un studied in switzerland for several years. at school, he used the name pak un and it is said he identified himself
Sep 3, 2010 1:00pm EDT
, i think president obama's policies have been quite good. they have a north korean policy in the south korean policy. at the same time, the administration in united states have pursued a policy through tough diplomacy, which i might describe as a very prudent in its approach to north korea. this is a very recent recession that demonstrates the u.s. is very strong in its reaction to the cheonan incident. they joined at the very beginning in the rescue operations, and also, [unintelligible] -- the were in strong support of the u.s. administration. this is the largest area ever conducted in the caribbean peninsula. -- kirby and peninsula. i might say that this is the reincarnation of the incident that happened between 1977 and 1993. it was a deterrent to north korean leadership and rain that in north korean policies -- north korean policies. one side effect of this is china's reaction. when we conducted this exercise in the wake of the cheonan sinking, the chinese reaction was unusually harsh. i think it has awakened at the international community. it is central in the war, a
Sep 3, 2010 7:00pm PDT
. there is little optimism for any progress. >> thanks very much. >>> north korean leader kim jong-il just returned from an unusual visit to china. >> his latest visit to china was very different from the previous trips to the country. kim last visited china three months ago. this is the first time he made two trips to the country in the same year. another first was the summit meeting with the chinese leader outside the capital in beijing. >> the first footage was broadcast by china's state-run tv network on august 30th, after he wrapped up his five-day visit. kim went to a junior high school attended by his late father, kim il sung. the next day kim moved to the provisional capital where he had a long meeting with the chinese president, hu jintao. chinese media reported that president hu reiterated the need to resume the stalled six-party talks on north korea's nuclear program. they reported that kim said that his staff of seeking a nuclear free peninsula remains unchanged, and he expressed hope for an early resumption of the talks. there is speculation that kim held talks with chinese officials a
Sep 2, 2010 7:00pm PDT
north korean companies have put their products on display, which include dried processed seafood as well as medicines and cosmetics that contain korean ginseng. in a siymposium held at the sam venue a north korean trade ministry official expressed hope that his country could boost trade with china and other asian nations in order to promote economic development. chang chun has been in the news recently after north korean leader i kim jong-il visited the city last month to meet chinese president hu jintao. the two leaders discussed the need to increase economic exchanges. >>> the russian fisheries agency chief paid a visit to one of four russian-held islands claimed by japan. russia's federal fisheries agency says that andrei krainy started a two-day trip on thursday to etorofu island off hokkaido, northern japan. the agency says the chief inspected a fishery processing plant on the first day and will board a fishing boat on friday. before starting his tour krainy said the four islands are russian territory and will convey to the world his country's intention to develop them. russia sent
Sep 27, 2010 2:30pm PDT
." >> cementing the family dynasty -- the north korean leader promotes his son to the general. looks like the first public step to anointing his successor. the palestinian president responds to the israel -- israeli settlement building on the west bank. and and electrowinning force hugo chavez -- the opposition makes parliamentary gains that make the president paused next five years very difficult indeed. welcome to "bbc world news" broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later -- the world's biggest energy producer meets the world fastest growing energy market. why russian and china are signing an oil and gas deal. the holes could soon be alive with the sound of skiing -- why this picturesque spot in georgia is in people's mind. >> on the face of it, it's just another drawing pen and a notice board -- an official announcement of a military appointment. but in north korea, very little is routine. the latest news from the state media looks prescient -- kim jong-un, the son of north korea's ailing dictator has been given rank of general just as the stalinist state is abo
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Sep 28, 2010 3:00pm EDT
is wanting very closely the north korean dictator kim chong-il as he promotes his third son to the rank of four star general. in doing so ahead of the nuclear armed nation's biggest political gathering in three decades. this is a new picture of his son. people in the north korean capital appear excited for the big announcement dancing in the square but there are things that are not always exactly as they seem and it is a secret country. our corporate is live at our newsroom here in new york. do we have any clue what is happening? >>reporter: not really. nothing for certain when it comes to north korea but it seems now that it is highly likely his son will take over as leader when his father dies. given kim chong-il's sickness, that could be very soon. so, what will north korea look like under kim the younger? not a lot different according to our experts. >> he is chubby and ruthless as his dad. he got the dictator gene and if he takes over you do not see much change? he is a mini me dictator. >> beyond that there is very little we know about the young man in his late 20's who may soon h
Sep 6, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. on august 8th, a north korean vessel towed a south korean squid boat with a crew of four south koreans and three chinese to a port on the northeast coast. the south called on the north to release the crew. the north said the decision to release the crew members was made from a humanitarian point of view after the crew admitted coming into the economic zone and promised never to do it again. monday's announcement is the north's first flexible response to the south since tensions soared over the sinking of an n. a commission concluded that the vessel was sunk by a north korean torpedo. >>> chinese president hu jintao said his government plans to improve the life of workers in shenzhen, an economic bordering hong kong. hu made the comment at a ceremony to mark the 30th anniversary of the zone on monday. shenzhen was designated in 1980 as the first special economic zone in china to accept foreign investment. >> hu stressed that the reform and open door policy led to the economic recovery of china. hu also said the government will establish a system for companies and workers to share benefi
Sep 28, 2010 5:00pm PDT
the name pak u.n. and it is said he identified him self as theon of the north korean ambassador to switzerland. one of his former classmates says he was polite and quick to learn the german language. kim jong un apparently enjoyed playing basketball and dreamed of becoming a professional player. kim jong un is said to have returned to pyongyang around 2000 and to have attended university in the north korean capital. no information has been available on his whereabouts since that time. there is speculation that kim jong-il has chosen jong un to succeed him due to his son's leadership abilities and strong mindedness. china's special envoy to the six-party talks has said he heard that kim jong un is tall, like his grandfather, kim ill song who established communist rule in north korea. >> we are covering issues regarding the korean peninsula and thank you very much for joining us. north korea has named kim jong-il's third son vice chairman of the central military committee of the worker's party, a key post. tell us a little bit behind this. >> kim jong-il plans to transfer power be
Sep 28, 2010 7:00pm PDT
the name pak un, and it is said that he identified himself as the son of the north korean ambassador to switzerland. one of his former classmates says he was polite and quick to learn the german language. kim jong un apparently enjoyed playing basketball and dreamed of becoming a professional player. kim jong un is said to have returned to pyongyang around 2000 and to have attended university in the north korean capital. no information has been available on his whereabouts since that time. there is speculation that kim jong il has chosen jong un to succeed him due to his son's leadership abilities and strong-mindedness. china's special envoy to the six-party talks, wu dawei, has said he heard that kim jong un is tall like his grandfather, kim il song, who established communist rule in north korea. >> hiroki yajima covering issues regarding the korean peninsula joins us in the studio. thank you for joining us. north korea has named kim jong il's third son, kim jong un, vice chairman of the central military committee of the workers' party. now, this is a key post. tell us a little bit
Sep 28, 2010 5:30pm PDT
had never appeared in the north korean press. we don't even really know how to spell it. they say sometimes u-n.... >> warner: they changed the spelling today. >> you had two different ones on the prompter. i'd ask katy about that. the only photograph of him shows him at the age of about 12. so he's the man without a name. the man without a face. something that i've been hearing in china-- i'm based in beijing-- is that even in north korea, there are some rules for legitimacy within the party one needs to establish credibility and presence. so i would not say he's the successor. i would say he's daddy's favorite. >> warner: not a done deal. do you think katy-oh, you can read this as expressing kim jong il's wish? and if so what explains the appointment of his sister as a general? what is that all about? >> i think i would make a little bit different approach. i think king jong ewen. >> warner: the son? >> i think he is is designated successor. appointing him as general, at the same time the vice chairman of the central committee basically the crystal clear that kim jong il has ano
Sep 8, 2010 5:00pm EDT
korea. therefore, the conclusion is that north korea and torpedo -- a north korean torpedoed destroyed the shift. . the third claim has no evidence. the only thing that remained is j.i.g. conclusion without facts. that is a fact. >> thanks. let's open the floor to questions. if you will raise your hands before speaking i would appreciate it. tell us your name and any ebullitions you might have. please wait. we have microphones coming around to you. >> thank you. i am mike billington. i do not know if you went to the conference in quantico last week, but at that conference are raise the exact question you have drawn, the elite of the chinese and russians and others that the evidence is an adequate. the response from different generals as we do not need no stinking evidence. [laughter] look at the provocations, it isn't their character, therefore we have to accept this is true. you did not mention the issue, which has concerned me about this, which is why in this area of very high south korean and u.s. and nato anti-submarine warfare facilities and sonar equipment and so forth there appe
Sep 29, 2010 5:30pm PDT
a general is there, but his son, kim jong un, is not. this is north korean television tonight. the extraordinary thing is that nearly two days after the opening of the main party conference there has still been no coverage of it on television. why not? here is the main south korean news agency. they are trying to work that out. the agency's political analyst does not believe the leader is too sick to be shown on television. he thinks it is just north korea's reluctance to give out information of any kind. when a television pictures of the leader's son, kim jong un? >> the north koreans know that the outside world thinks it is weird to have three generations of the same family running the country. that is why i think it will build his image up at home through a propaganda, and only when he is established as a leader in his own right will the present him to the outside world. >> the only official pictures to have come out of north korea since the party meeting closed show enthusiastic citizens through early on message. >> the party meeting was a historic event, and the korean pe
Sep 28, 2010 6:00pm PDT
was announced on north korean state television. observers have been speculating that he could be named the successor to kim jong-il at the conference. the navy has intercepted another vessel attempted -- attempting to bring supplies to the blockade in gaza. a group of 10 activists were aboard from israel, britain, germany, and the u.s.. they had set sail from cyprus on sunday. israel came under criticism in may after they stormed a flotilla killing nine turkish activists. the police in paris have reopened to the eiffel tower, forcing the evacuation of one of the world's busiest tourist sites. there is an official warning that the country might be a target of a terrorist attack. monday a major train station was cleared after a warning that proved to be a false alarm. the police evacuated 2000 people from the eiffel tower that was also a false alarm. we are going out to steve, who has business news in ireland. still trouble? >> not looking healthy. there are big worries that if ireland continues to sneeze, the rest of europe could get very sick. the news continued to rattle the nerves of
Sep 29, 2010 2:30pm PDT
. >> the north korean government controls all newspapers, so it is difficult to know whether ordinary north koreans know the significance of the rare party conference taking place in p'yongyang. but it has shown the outside world to important things -- that kim jong il is in good enough health to attend and for the moment still holding onto power, and that he has almost certainly decided who will replace him as the leader of this isolated fledgling nuclear power. it is a remarkable story, even by the standards of one of the world's most totalitarian states, and the details are making the front pages on this side of the border in the south. here is can ill son, the founder of north korea. -- kim il sung, the founder of north korea. here is his son, kim jong il. and here is his son, the man who has gone from political nobody to a very big somebody in a matter of days. first, just hours before the conference, he was promoted to the rank of four-star military general. now we learn he has been named vice chairman of the workers' party central military commission and a member of its central commi
Sep 28, 2010 12:30am PDT
would have expected it would be someone so young. that prospect may also worry the north korean neighbors who are understandably nervous about any signs of change in the country that has serious nuclear ambitions. >> daniel piston is an analyst with the crisis group in seoul and he tells us about the latest developments. >> i was surprised. north korea is always full of surprises. i think it is a case that kim jong-il's health might be worse than we suspect. with the military appointment, we will have to wait and see what happens with the party and whether or not kim jong-un its position in the politburo or the secretariat or some other institution. >> you talk about military appointment -- presumably the backing of the army is crucial here. >> yes, absolutely. over the past 15 or 20 years, north korea has been following this military first policy. kim jong-il has been rolling through his control over the military -- ruling through his control over the military. as a result, many of the party institutions have atrophied or become dysfunctional. many positions are vacant. today a
Sep 22, 2010 12:30am PDT
the state. our correspondent has traveled to the border to meet north koreans who recently fled the country. >> we know almost nothing about it. this is the only confirmed photo taken 15 years ago. he could follow his father and grandfather as the new north korean leader. this is a glimpse of what is happening inside this broken nation. a city where there is no sign of a single electric light and hardly any traffic on the roads. while kim jong ill grooms his son for succession, people are starving to death on the streets. she says north korea is like hell. >> people are very weak. many said for days in one place and the dive. i saw a person sitting by a public toilet and told them to go to the front of the market. they said they were too weak. two leaders they died -- two days later they died. >> you have money to buy food. others say many are dying of hunger outside railway stations. most people have one meal a day because the economic policies have been disastrous. >> he is weekend probably by a stroke. in made a rare visit last month. his aim was to secure support for his son's successio
Sep 21, 2010 7:00am EDT
visit to china last month. looking for chinese support for his son's succession. other north koreans told us that his son is too young and inexperienced. one woman who escaped correa hopes that the regime collapses after skipping to china. >> i was shocked, we could have had enough food if the leaders gave up some wealth, they do not care about the suffering of ordinary people. >> the stories that north koreans tell paint a grim picture of a growing hunger and hardship. with it, something new, growing discontent with that of the regime voiced in a way you may not have ever heard before. now he is crewing his 20- something year-old son, an unknown quantity, to takeover of this impoverished and nuclear- armed nation. one daughter was caught attempting to skate north korea and is now in a political prison o. >> it makes me angry, i would like to shout out loud. my daughter is going to die in prison. kim john hill has made us lose our homes and suffered. what will happen to north korea under his son? >> manion share her feelings, asking if a man in his 20's can lead north korea. will the
Sep 3, 2010 10:00am EDT
strategists talked about the north korean nuclear program, the challenges that south korean and u.s. space. the marine corps university hosted this discussion in quantico, virginia. this is just over two hours. >> thank you for setting this up. we are grateful that you are here. we have done several conferences over the year. prior to that, we had in earlier one on a career that was very successful -- korea that was very successful. no matter when we decided to a discussion on korea, it seems international conditions are there to make it as a relevant as it has ever been. we are marking the 60-year anniversary of the korean war. we are in a state of armistice. it should not come as any surprise to you, with the treaty obligations we have with the countries in the western pacific, a misstep on the peninsula, a miscalculation over a pile of rocks, several ocean with oil under them, could create conditions that would be much more meaningful than we would ever wanted to be. the command relationship peace is also very important. i need not remind you of the incidents that have happened here rec
Sep 10, 2010 9:00pm PDT
. 'cause i think there is some divergence between the united states and china on north korea and the korean peninsula, but certainly some common aversions. uh, we both would not benefit if north korea remained a nuclear armed country with an expanding arsenal. we would both suffer if there was instability or a hard collapse that lead to chaos, and so forth. so, i think the sense of common aversions have given us a basis for discussion and some limited cooperation. but as some of the commentators noted, there are some limitations to the degree to which we can cooperate with china, and we're finding that through the course of this effort to cooperate with china. >> david? >> i think it's important to emphasize that if you ask in broad-brush, are we both concerned about proliferation? yes. are we both concerned about erratic north korean behavior? yes. but if you ask, what are our priorities? making the korean peninsula non-nuclear is not china's number-one priority. i think uh, keeping probably a buffer between south korea and china itself is an important chinese objective. most important to
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm PDT
of the south korean people. north korea says they were freed on humanitarian grounds. but after the announcement of the release, the north requested rice aid from south korea to help north koreans hit by floods last month. political analysts say that more south koreans may urge their government to give food aid following the release of the fishing crew. south korea maintains that it will not supply rice, saying they cannot be sure the aid will actually reach the affected people. >>> inaustraa, primeinisr julia guillard is now certain to stay in power. two independent lawmakers announced her to stay in the party enabling her to follow the inconclusive general election last month. vote count something still being conducted 17 days after the election on august 21st. public broadcaster abc television says of the 150 lower house seats the ruling bloc has won 74 and the opposition party 73 with independents picking up 3. both labor and the opposition liberal national coalition have been holding policy talks with the three independent lawmakers to build a majority. on tuesday, two of t
Sep 12, 2010 6:30am PDT
the years, they havedone good work in north korea and great to see the north korean regime. >> it is what jesus would dow. >> thankou so much for joining us. >> please join us again right here next week, until then, good-bye, and god bless s are only christians. and that should be a model for . and then... you would be a terrorist today had jesus christ not entered your heart. what happed to you? nextime on...
Sep 28, 2010 11:00am EDT
information that we can confirm to you we will bring to you right here on msnbc. >>> north korean leader kim jong-il is laying the ground work to keep control of the country and keep it in the family. he made his youngest son and favorite son kim pyjong. no one knows what he looks like and this is the first time his name was mentioned in north korean state media. ian williams is live in south korea. tell us what took place for this appointment for his youngest son. >> well, thomas, an entire industry here in seoul, south carolina, trying to figure out exactly what's going on in the north. and pretty unanimous in their view that it is neither good for the north korean people nor for south korea and american allies. now, what happened today is that there was a big party meeting. the workers' party. first time they met on this scale in 30 years. don't get excited, when you talk about party these are people that debate and people that rubber stamp the decisions taken by kim jong-il and just ahead of that meeting today is the appointment of his youngest son, kim jong un. he has had no military ex
Sep 6, 2010 5:30pm PDT
to a key party position. all eyes are on this one. north korean have excepted once before the divine right to rule, but it is fraught with risk. the outside world will be watching with interest. >> more than 30 traffic men are still waiting to find out exactly when they will be rescued. reaching more than 30 trapped men are still waiting to find out exactly when they will be rescued. a roll call in honor of 33 men who remain trapped. one month has now passed since they were cut off from their loved ones above ground. engineers are carving a rescue schaffler through more than half a kilometre of rock -- a rescue shaft through more than half a kilometre of rock, but they have another plan. the first rule is heading down vertically. once it reaches them, it will be widened to about the diameter of a bicycle wheel. the men would be pulled to the service -- surface. it is following the line of an existing holder and has slightly less distance to follow. >> we are not sure which will be able to rescue them. being down there every day is a long time. >> the families of the miners believed and the
Sep 29, 2010 12:30am PDT
successor. >> but we still don't know much about him. >> north korean's will know nothing. he's thought to have spent a number of years in an international school in switzerland. that will make him a more internationally-leader. he's a blank slate and that gives you a sense of the real difficulties. there's no mechanism for handing over power. this man has been seemingly plucked from nowhere and put in charge of a state with serious nuclear ambitions. >> on related news. south korea's ministry announced they will hold talks for the first time in two years. the ministry says the meeting will make place between the two countries. >> western intelligence agents say they have uncovered a plot to carry out commando-style raids in britain and germany. the tower was evacuated. and they're not expecting an imment wave of arrests. our security correspondent gave us the details. >> intelligence agencies have been tracking the most al-qaeda attacks. the jihadist would murder them in britain. france and germany. the idea is thought to moved from the aspirational stage to actual planning. they have
Sep 27, 2010 6:30pm EDT
on a good show. bbc news, delhi. >> the latest headlines for you on "bbc world news at." the north korean leader, kim jong-il has promoted one of his sons. russia is the world's biggest energy supplier. when the leaders and that, they had much to talk about. china wants more resources to fuel economic growth. president medvedyev's visit coincides with the completion of an oil pipeline between the two countries. >> both sides have touted the completion of the china-russia oil pipeline. this is a win/win cooperation in progress of a further promoting cooperation in the areas of energy, administration, and high-tech industries. >> but aside from oil, russia has opportunities to sell gas in china. they are currently highly reliant on europe. the two countries have agreed that russian supplies would start flowing in 2015, although they have yet to work out a pricing structure. if any deal goes through, it will worried the west. they will see it as yet another sign of china cornering the energy markets. bbc news, beijing. >> in europe, it looks to be another difficult week for the euro. workers
Sep 30, 2010 7:00am EDT
, he has never even been named, let alone shown by the north korean media, and only a few grainy childhood images have been seen here in the outside world. all information is tightly controlled in one of this most authoritarian of states. this time the message is clear. in this photograph showing some 200 officials at the conference, the front row says it all -- the leader is there, but on the other side, a stern-faced military officer. the proximity and family resemblance will leave little doubt that here is the chosen successor. meanwhile, the north and south korean militaries have held their first direct talks in years. they ended without agreement. perhaps the return to dialogue is showing that the north korea seeks stability. >> the winner of the most prestigious race of cycling, toward the french, failed a drug test. contador says that he must have been a victim of food contamination. hasain's conservative party alleged that electoral fraud robbed her party of a victory. she claims its predominately occurred within the asian community. officials in the pakistan have stopped
Sep 9, 2010 7:00pm PDT
on the assumption of an infiltration of north korean troops into south korea. the veterans association plans to double its high-tech weapons exports to $2 billion over the next five years. >>> many aging people say they notice they're not as mentally sharp as they used to be but a japanese museum curator is using outdated domestic tools to help strengthen memory. >> reporter: a group of elderly people in higashiomi city handle objects used from the '30s to the '60s. the purpose is to give participants to activate and share their memories. the reminiscence therapy is said to keep dementia in the elderly at bay. >> translator: when i look at these old things, i remember my youth back in the olden days. >> translator: i am remembering many things. not just the original object. i started to think of other things it reminded me of. i think it's great. >> reporter: these tools come from a museum collection. the notogawa museum in higashiomi city lends them out. the museum owns over 10,000 objects that come from the '30s to the '60s, article for agriculture, fishing and the home fill the warehouse.
Sep 11, 2010 7:00am EDT
being sunk by the north korean body. there was no fact that north korea did sink that submarine. guest: the evidence that north korea sank the south korean naval vessel are complee, compelling and comprehensive. on monday, south koreans will release a larger report that will add to the level of details. there are people in south korea who find it inconvenience to admit north korea was behind it. they want to reach out and create a large ly unconventiona idea. it is really a smoking gun that they sank a south korean naval vessel in south korean waters. host: if the younger kim was placed on the military commission, what do you think about that? guest: there are a number of positions he could be given that would indicate he is going to be the successor. the central committee of the korea's workers' party, it is likely he could be announced in that position, probably not yet the ten or so real leaders. it's likely that will be announced. host: good morning from the republican line. caller: good morning. calling from harrisburg. go to talk to you. watch you everyday. my question to this g
Sep 29, 2010 7:00pm PDT
to strengthen its nuclear deterrence. north korean deputy foreign minister pak kil yom made the remarks on wednesday at the u.n. general assembly in new york. pak said the north's nuclear weapons are not for attacking others but a deterrent. he said the weapons are justified. he added that the country is country is ready to join international efforts for non-proliferation and safe management of nuclear material as a responsible nuclear weapon state. he warned that the nuclear deterrent will not be abandoned but rather strengthened as long as a u.s. nuclear aircraft carrier remains in nearby waters. pak did not refer to kim jong un. >>> as dolphin hunting season gets under way in a small town in western japan, activists say they sabotaged holding pens for the animals. a european conservation group has claimed responsibility. the fishery cooperative in taiji town in wakayama prefecture says that nets in half of the 14 pens in a local bay were found cut at a depth of about two meters on tuesday. the pens were being used to hold about 30 dolphins caught in the town's traditional hunt, which
Sep 28, 2010 11:00pm PDT
administration with good faith talks with the north koreans in again neva with bob gluch chi, who was assistant secretary of state. then it was thrown in the waste basket by george w. bush in 2002. later, though, under bush, in 2005,they recommitted themselves to the same principles. and i think that they now... they call me to come over to north korea to pick upage lon gomes, they wouldn't let him go to anyone except me, which showed they wanted me to come, and when i got there, they delayed his release for 36 hours so that i'd have plenty of time to talk to their top leader. >> rose: in a case like this, do you say "i won't come unless you promise me you're going to release him?" >> that's right. and they promised me... when i first got the invitation it was the 21st day of july and they said "come over here, meet with kim jong il and we will release gomes to you and no one else." so i note pied the white house about that. and it was five weeks later that i finally got there. and in the meantime, i was informed by the north koreans that kim jong il would no longer be available. so i knew that
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